Thursday, May 26, 2016


Just watched 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and I'm thinking.

Why would a man treated woman in such? When they taking seriously to pleased a woman with everything they had. The surprises, romantic gift and dinners, romance, the promises of a better future. To own one.

But once he had one...

It's like there's no need any of all of these to do anymore. Just because he's pass that?

Maybe I'm not pretty anymore to deserved a picture with or just me to show the world how he deeply loves me. Or there's love exist?

Maybe I'm not fit anymore like I used to deserved me to get a nice desent dress the way he wanted me to look at sometime in a special day.

Maybe I don't deserve a romantic dinner because I love to enjoy the food and it does cost a lot for him to pay and because I can cook as well the best recipe in fancy restaurant

Maybe because of my child that I gave birth to may cause a difficulty from getting a sanctuary holiday sometime or just going out have fun or picnic.

Maybe my happiness doesn't count anymore as now he already own me and I think  I don't deserved to be for any appreciate act or gift.

I thought my episode of pathetically wanted to be happy life ended after I found him. But I guest it turned into new level.

If only I know woman destiny to this such. I would rather be forever alone. No false hope. No sweet promises. No bargain for self happiness and appreciation.

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