Sunday, July 17, 2011

You Always Make Me Cry

 Dear you...
who I used to be with,

I never though of someone to ever had a crush at me as you do when I was that young. And you never told me about it until that day. The one who really notice me as the way I am. I can't imagine how happy I was. I just cried. Then, we hop to be in relationship. Really had a great time. Till when you start to be overprotected, whine for an attention and sulking frequently if been ignore. When I was in practical mode and busy to cope with the new environment. I just need space for myself  for a while sometime I wish you could understand. But, failed. So, we decided to go on our own. I've cried. Why it's has to be this hard? .

For so long we haven't met. You came back and convincing me that you will change to be more understanding. You have been so humble, calm and inspired and yes we be re-in relationship again. I wish that would be a good start of our new relationship. But totally I was wrong again. You've be the same. You make me cried again.

And now, after we decided to be just friend. You keep telling me about your dream to life your life with me. All the effort to change the attitude, saving for me and our future and all the things you said you will undertake it for me. It just make me touched and yes cry again and again. But, I'm still afraid to believe. It would be just a words and turn out to be just the same.

 You always make me cry from all the words that you've said, the things that you've done, the dreams you have fantasies and the better life you've promising me and the same old you when I'm so into you and your promises. I had enough of it. I'm tired of crying. Just leave me and go on your own as I go on my own too. 'Us' is will never exist again in our life and let's face it. I wish you  and me will find our ideal love one and live happily ever after.  Ameen.


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